Pro Cycling Manager 2015 - Patches


- Fixed disappearance of riders in accelerated mode (x8)
- New, better quality, dossard.
- Precompiled shaders added to speed up loading.
- Podium: The colour of dresses worn by hostesses adapts to the colour of each race leader's

- Update of rider attributes after the 2015 Tour of Italy.
- New rider database in track cycling solo mode

- New routes for the Tour de San Luis
- New houses for the Andalusia region.
- Walls of Avila (Tour of Spain).

- Adjustment to the generation of attributes for young riders
- Finishing touches to past winners
- Past winners of U23 races are recorded
- Adjustment to Automatic scouting: more likely to discover very young riders.
- Possibility to "copy / paste" fitness planning between riders.
- Strategies are retained between two stages of the same type.

- Ambient spectator sounds added.